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diagram of potato starch drying system

customization description: the equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.
g01 louver chimney g08 wet starch belt conveyor g15 large induced draft fan l05 screen upper screw conveyor s01 finished product warehouse s08 seam bag conveyor d04 air shutoff
g02 primary filter screen g09 pulse tube (expansion tube) g16 closed air screw conveyor 1 * 2 l06 return screw conveyor s02 lever screw conveyor s09 intermediate conveyor d05 small induced draft fan
g03 medium efficiency filter screen g10 volute separator g17 air shut-off screw conveyor 1 * 2 l07 return sliding gate valve s03 bucket elevator s10 metal detector d06 compressed air tank
g04 radiator g11 cyclone separator 1 * 6 g18 starch uniform bin l08 circular vibrating screen 1 * 4 s04 discharge pipe of bucket elevator s11 warehousing conveyor belt
g05 heat exchange box g12 wet air outlet pipe g19 lever screw conveyor l09 under screen screw conveyor s05 double weighing and packaging machine 1 * 2 d01 dust inlet pipe
g06 inspection hole g13 explosion proof port 1 * 6 g20 bucket elevator l10 sieve screw conveyor s06 internal magnetic separator 1 * 2 d02 pulse dust collector
g07 feeding conveyor and loudspeaker g14 wet air discharge pipe g21 bridge screw conveyor l11 ø 150 screen upper material blanking pipe s07 intermediate belt conveyor d03 dust screw conveyor    
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