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snake scraper chain conveyor series

snake chain conveyor

no. 1application

serpentine conveyor/snake conveyor  is transported powder,small particles and other bulk materials in a closed cabinets.
model md serpentine conveyor/snake conveyor is made of the machine head, the horizontal section, the curved section, vertical section, curved section under the lower horizontal section,and machine tail. is a combination of firstly horizontal,then vertical and then horizontal transporting way again,which is called continuous three-dimensional transmission mode.
 widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry.

no.2 feature

1. it combines the horizontal firstly,then vertical,and then horizontal again,which is as one of the three-dimensional transport.
2. the material is almost completely discharged (less remnants ).
3. when serpentine conveyor conveying, the chain rolling in a special walk on the track, the chain scraper send the material to the discharge in the trough.
4. there can be  more than one discharge port.
5. it is enclosed, environmentally friendly, less occupying land.
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