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swing lever screw conveyor
swing lever screw conveyors
swing lever screw conveyors
  swing lever screw conveyors:installed in a spiral lever on the top, making use of swing the leverage of the institutions regulating the feed. generally installed under the hopper ,the capacity is adjustable by use of the lever. features: easy to adjust, not bypass bagging, conveying steadily, good sealing performance, friendly environmental  and so on.it is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building industry, food and environmental protection industry.
swing lever screw conveyors
  crusher belt conveyor:

it is made of drive,screw machine and lever.its working principle is: the drive is operated by the sprocket;on one hand,it spurs  the  screw shaft rotating in the fixed tank , the loose material into the tank in the tank together with the rotating helical vane slot wall friction to stop by, in operation, the screw blade push for the axial movement of materials, materials suitable openings from the bottom to fall outside the end or the output from the tank; the other hand, breaking through the sprocket drive rod 1, rod 1 by broken broken gear driven rotating rod 2, the two reversing rollers for crushing the relative movement of materials. conveyor has simple structure and can be more middle of loading and unloading, safe and convenient operation, good sealing performance, environmental protection and other advantages.
broken belt conveyor


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